What are the major pros and cons of private health insurance?

The decision making between the selection of private health insurance or the public one has always been confusing because each has different pros and cons to offer to the people utilizing them. On the one hand, we find public health insurance to be lighter on the pocket, and it helps with covering all your treatments. Still, on the other hand, private health insurance is easily approachable all the time, and you have the liberty to select your doctors and surgeons according to your choice. These and many other private health insurance benefits make it popular among the people. But everyone makes their choice according to their situation and preferences.

If you, too, are into private health insurance, then this post is for you as it covers the significant pros and cons of having this insurance. Here we are to tell you about them in the form of points, and we hope you will find them helpful.


·        The best thing about private insurance is that you do not have to wait for the treatments and procedures for an infinitely long time as that in public health insurance. As soon as you apply for it, you get it.

·        In case you have to be admitted to the hospital, you have the facility to avail yourself of the private rooms for staying, which is something very peaceful and comfortable compared to the public health insurance facilitation.

·        When you are using private health care, you have the liberty to claim the money back for all the treatments, unlike the public ones, where you can claim only for the Medicare treatments.

·        We all know dentistry is one of the most expensive treatments, and public health care does not include it at all. While in private health insurance, one can enjoy the facilities for dental care as well.

·        You can select your doctor or surgeon, which is something liked by the people a lot.

·        It offers long-time health covers that you can avail for the life time.


·        This health insurance is, of course, costlier as compared to the private one.

·        Sometimes the policies and procedures relevant to it can be challenging to understand.

·        Some of the treatments might not be covered in this policy as well.

·        Sometimes there are out of the pocket costs included as well, which could be overwhelming for you.

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