Lightening Fast Legal Funding is Our Competency

If you are looking for legal funding loans, then you should trust us. In fact, this not a loan, it is actually a lifeline.

We offer loans for a range of cases and situations. Be it car injury or workplace mishaps, we can help you in all your legal funding needs that also include medical malpractice, premises liability, and other personal injuries.

Why should you choose us?

No Upfront Charges: We do not charge any upfront fee to our plaintiffs and you are not obligated to pay any monthly fee or interest rate for that matter. You will pay only when you win the case and if you lose, then you just walk away. There is nothing at all to lose. That is actually this simple and easy.

Lowest Interest Rate: When you apply for legal funding, you are likely to see a range of interest rates. Since different loans have different rates, it could be a difficult task to find the right loan and perfect rate, but with us, you are covered with our lowest interest rate. You will get the lowest possible rate.

Plaintiffs are or Priority: We understand the fact that plaintiffs need better interest rate, therefore, we give them the flexibility to shop around. Our no compound interest rate would mean more amount of money going to the settlement rather than to the lender or the loan company

Simple Interest: We offer simple interest rate so that you can avoid the heavy compound rate. That means you are going to pay less at the end of the day. We charge 2 % of the settlement amount, in fact, the interest rates defined on terms and condition.

We do not check Credit or Employment Checks: We do not check your employment history or credit score before giving you the loan because the loan depends on the quality of your case. That means you will get loans and will never have today back if you lose the case. This makes things easier and simpler.

Quick Funding: We know for a fact that you need cash quickly and for that reason, we have deployed a quick funding process, we would need a few hours to transfer the money to your account. Most of the times, you are going to get money within 24 hours. our attorneys will assess your case and offer a review after which we will transfer the money.

We as the most trusted company thrive to maintain the transparency by disclosing all the information regarding the contract and loan to our clients. Ours is an approach to take the stress out of our clients’ lives and we successfully do that without expertise and experience.

If you are in a dire situation and looking for a legal funding company, then you should choose us, and we would offer you the right solution. You can get loans at a better interest rate. Since we are plaintiff centric, you can expect best interest rates. You can get the loan quickly too.

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